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2003 Scarecrow Cabernet the Next Blockbuster From California - 99 pts

My six bottles of 2003 Scarecrow Cabernet Sauvignon recently arrived in the cellar and I was waiting for the right time to open a bottle for evaluation. The opportunity came at a recent wine tasting in my home which gave me the opportunity to get feedback from eight other people. I originally wrote about the Scarecrow Winery project back in June of 2006 before the wine was release to the public.

The 2003 Scarecrow Cabernet was served at the end of a wine tasting night that featured California Cabernet's from 1995 and 1996. The 2003 Scarecrow was the perfect ending to a night of fine wines. It reminded me of a young Dalle Valle Maya in a great vintage. The wine had a perfect balance of fruit and tannins, although I will not open another bottle for 3+ years to allow this wine to mature and soften. The fruit flavors had the intensity and spiciness of the Dalla Valle Maya but had a very unique signature on its own. This wine is exciting in the glass.

The 2003 Scarecrow will continue to be a superstar as it ages gracefully in the next 5-10 years. The packaging from the winery is fantastic; a wooden three-pack (ala Screaming Eagle) filled with straw packing materials that you would expect in a Scarecrow. The winery also provides a small bound booklet that reflects on the vineyard property and winemaking team.

Scarecrow is the finest new California wine that I have tasted this year. I would strongly recommend that you contact the winery and get on their mailing list. I rate the wine 99+ points. There were only 471 cases of the wine made in 2003. The vineyard is located in the Rutherford Appellation at the site of the old J J Cohn estate. The wine retails for $100 per bottle.

The winery can be reached at http://www.scarecrowwine.com

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