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Basic Wine Making Equipment

Wines are usually made in prestigious wineries. However, there are many people who make homemade wines both as a hobby and a small scale business.

The most expensive aspect in this hobby is the wine making equipment. Most of the wine making equipment is readily available and can be reused except for corks. One must remember, however, to purchase and use only food grade equipment. Non-food grade materials can be dangerous as toxic chemicals might seep into the wine during the fermentation process.

Here is a rundown of the most basic wine making equipment. First, one must have a carboy. A carboy is just a glass jug. They come in one gallon to six gallon sizes.

Bungs are also essential wine making equipment. They are rubber stoppers with holes drilled in the middle. The holes are where airlocks are attached. Bungs come in various sizes and are fitted into the mouth of the carboy.

Also, there are airlocks that prevent oxidation. Oxidation breaks down the wine due to over exposure to oxygen. Airlocks prevent this by creating a valve that keeps the air from entering the carboy while keeping carbon dioxide inside.

A hydrometer tube is another important wine making equipment. This piece of equipment looks like a 12 inch thermometer with a piece of paper stuck inside with numbers printed on it. This is used to measure the amount of sugar before, during and after the fermentation.

A wine thief is also an important piece of wine making equipment. It is a tube made out of glass or plastic with holes at the end. It is used to take out small amounts of wine from a container. To use it, the person simply dips it into the wine and covers one hole with the thumb. When he extracts the tube, the air vacuum holds the wine in the tube until the thumb is taken off the hole.

A food grade bucket is also needed for wine making. Large quantities of wine can be poured in the bucket. A three or five gallon bucket is an excellent choice. Also, fermenting the wine can create a lot of foam. It would be good to have a bucket large enough to hold the wine and the foam.

Lastly, the winemaker would need a food grade hose that is used for racking. Racking is transferring wine from one container to another. This is done by siphoning the wine via the food grade hose.

All these wine making equipment are available in wine stores. If not, they can be ordered through the internet.

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