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Napa Valley Hotels

Napa Valley is located on the northeastern tip of the San Pablo Bay. It is about an hour's drive north of San Francisco, and is the largest valley in this region. The valley runs about 30 miles in length and is one to five miles wide. Napa Valley attracts over five million tourist a year mainly because of its wine grape growing, wine production and tourist attractions.

Most of Napa Valley's scenic attractions are enjoyed along with the scenic splendor of San Francisco's Golden Gate Bridge. Many tour operators start their wine tours in San Francisco, and many tourists stay in this fabulous city.

The 2000 square meter area of Napa Valley offers many fine hotels in Napa, Calistoga, Yountville, American Canyon and St.Helena. There are hundreds of hotels, motels, bed & breakfast inns, resorts and vacation rentals. Each lodging offers certain features targeted at specific customers. Napa Valley with its scenic state parks in St.Helena and rivers winding through cities provides exotic and panoramic locations for the hospitality industry.

Napa Valley facilities include spas, pools, non-smoking rooms, and facilities for senior and disabled persons. Some of the hotels have brick fireplaces, private terraces with a garden and vineyard views and high-speed Internet connections in most rooms. Individual rooms may be furnished with a TV, refrigerator, hairdryer and coffeemaker. Some of the hotels provide entertainment facilities such as hot air ballooning and hiking. Spa features private mud baths, massages and facials.

There are also many campgrounds, resorts and RVs facilities to enjoy the wilderness. Rates range from $60 on up, depending upon your preference. Napa Valley with its famous wine tours and excellent hospitality features unforgettable experiences for sure.

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