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Wild Goose Vineyards (Okanagan Falls)

The Wild Goose Winery, established by the Kruger Family, sits on 10 acres of rolling hills just South of Okanagan Falls. First planted in 1983, the Wild Goose vineyards were not used for the Krugers’ own wines until 1990. Since then, the winery has gained significant attention for its well-crafted Germanic. It has expanded its acreage to 15 acres with the addition of Mystic River Vineyard on the South Okanagan River.

Wild Goose’s tasting room and wine shop is very simple, conveying its history as an original farmgate winery. There is obvious passion put into the wines by the hard-working Kruger family, whose three generations run the tasting room, make the wine, and manage the vineyards. The wine shop is bright and spacious, and staff are very knowledgeable. There is a licensed picnic/patio area out front where visitors can enjoy their own lunches and wine. Children are welcome, and can sample fruit juices at the tasting bar.


Germanic wines are the primary focus of Wild Goose Vineyards, and suitably so considering the Kruger family’s heritage. Wines are sourced from the estate, as well as other vineyards in the South Okanagan. The Autumn Gold blend, a white, is the most popular wine among consumers.

Currently, Wild Goose Vineyards offers:

Riesling (Stony Slope Vineyard)
Riesling (God’s Mountain Vineyard)
Gewurztraminer (Mystic River Vineyard)
Pinot Blanc
Autumn Gold (White Blend)
Pinot Gris
Blush (Select years)
Pinot Noir
Black Brant (Marechal Foch dessert wine)
TBA Riesling (Total Botrytis Affected – dessert wine)

Last Word

If you are looking to taste some great white wines, among others, stop in at Wild Goose. We recommend that you visit earlier, as the wines may well sell out before the season’s end- and the Krugers might be able to go on a bit of a vacation

Published my Tim Martiniuk & Carolyn Coles, founders of the Okanagan Wine Guide. http://www.okanaganwineguide.com/wildgoose.html

Article Source: http://EzineArticles.com/?expert=Carolyn_Coles