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A Guide To Traditional Wine Racks

Wine is a drink that has been enjoyed by humans for thousands of years. Recent archaeological finds have now even found wine dating back to almost 5,000 years in China.

Nowadays there is an amazing array of wine racks available. Wine has become a passion for millions of people. There are wooden wine racks, but now also various metal ones as well.

Some of the metal wine racks are almost works of art in their own right: fashioned in elegant spirals, or circles, or made to hang on the wall.

But, if you want traditional wine racks, then you should stick to wooden wine racks. Wood such as cedar or pine has been used effectively for hundreds of years to store precious wine.

Wooden wine racks have two distinct advantages over metal ones: first, many people are interested in stackable wine racks. This allows you to grow your wine collection over time; as you procure more wine, you simply buy another stackable unit and place it on top of the one you already have. The second advantage is that wood does not conduct heat as metal can. If you plan to store wine for prolonged periods of time to age it, you want to make sure your wine rack will not conduct heat to the bottle.

This can unfavorably affect the taste of the wine. What a same! Especially if you've been saving some bottles to open years later for a special occassion.

In short, traditional wine racks are wooden wine racks....stackable wine racks.

However, if you don't plan on storing your wine for long periods of time. And you want to purchase an artistic wine rack that is a conversation piece and display it prominently, metal wine racks are the way to go. You would be amazed at how beautiful and classy some of these metal wine racks are.

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